Tim and Martia Franklin.  Natal, Brazil. September 28, 2021

“…for His lovingkindness is everlasting” (Ps 136)

Dear friends in Jesus,

In the seasons of life and ministry the LORD occasionally grants a collection of tangible blessings.  September was a month of milestones: 25 years of marriage, good group of Bible school students, and at church: first baptism, first communion service, first baby dedication.  Our family revolves around ministry into the lives of vocational Christian workers at the Bible school and encouraging church planting.


It’s a blessing to be close to Ariel, Natalie and Ben.  Mondays are a highlight when Natalie and Ben come for the day.  Ariel has a heavy load as assistant pastor and continuing education.  Natalie is quite the ministry hostess.  We miss Rebecca and Rachel, but are thankful they love the LORD.  Both are at Faith Baptist Bible College in Iowa.  We’re so thankful for the LORD’s care for them so far away, especially through His people.  Please pray for God’s leading about getting together for Christmas.  Hannah is busy with homeschool.  Besides entering high school, she’s taking “Genesis 1-11” at the Bible school and “Professor Pop” doesn’t give her any slack.  She just wrote her first term paper.

Bible School

At the Bible school we teach combined classes with first and second-year students; this semester “NT Survey 2,” “Genesis 1-11” and “Acts.”  There are 13 in the core group and we thank the LORD for their dedication.  The local churches generally do a good job of sending those who are ministry quality and desire vocational Christian service.  Please pray for the spiritual growth of all us at the Bible school—both students and staff.  Beyond the academic we depend upon the Holy Spirit for spiritual growth.  Two gals, Emily and Gabriela, serve together with us at the church plant.

Church Start-up

We’ve enjoyed a lot of hunting and fishing in Guajirú and Jardins.  Sometimes we feel like we’re just “trampsing” around, and other days God gives us significant conversations.  We’d sure like to find some sheep and save some souls, but Scripture tells us the process is as important as the product, and the final goal, God’s glory, exceeds human conversion.  We pray for God to be at work, including in our lives and in the seminarians that join us.  We frequently find ourselves evangelizing evangelicals—people who have been in and out of an experience never knowing if they really are going to heaven, nor able to articulate the evangel, the good news.  So we explain one of the great synonyms of salvation (e.g. 2 Cor 5:21 substitution).  Hopefully they will grow beyond yelling and chaos.  Another challenge is to overcome the cultural concept of a celestial Santa who will send only really bad people (i.e. “not me”) to hell.  After all, there’s always a “way” around the law.  Finally, we find many who can’t concentrate for more than 30 seconds: lack of discipline, broken lives, sterilized brains (alcohol, etc.) besides spiritual blindness.  Please pray for God’s power and that Jesus would build His church.  In the meantime Pr. Davi is gaining experience preparing and delivering three messages per week, pastoring a small flock and caring for his family (Lucca just turned 2).  So the “firsts” listed above are a double blessing—not only for the church plant but also for Davi as a pastor.

May Jesus be exalted in growing His Church,

Tim and Martia; Rebecca, Rachel and Hannah.